In this webinar we will look at how Covid-19 has impacted the world of fintech and increased the use of cloud technology as companies respond to new ways of working.

Both advocates of innovation in financial technology, BSO’s Global Marketing Director Anna Flach and AWS’s Head of Fintech Startups Kathryn Van Nuys will discuss the latest trends in cloud adoption and new innovations emerging in the fintech space.

In the webinar we will cover:

  • How can companies utilise cloud technology to support the new remote world of work?
  • How has the pandemic accelerated the trend of digital transformation and move to the cloud?
  • Are the banks late to the party? Have the incumbents overcome their concerns around financial grade security and now trust the cloud is robust enough for their sector?
  • How has cloud technology fuelled innovation in financial services?


Date: 08 October 2020

Time: 3pm BST / 10am  EST

Duration: 30 mins including Q&A

Location: Zoom